Free parking, great sunset at New Smyrna Beach

With my back to the beach, the glare of the setting sun made it impossible to read the parking meter.

I squinted my eyes to read the instructions for parking in the lot next to the ocean. Then, I heard a voice from a nearby vehicle.

“It’s free. Parking’s free after 5 p.m.”

He was right, and what a great deal.

After work, we made the hourlong road trip to New Smyrna Beach for a bite to eat and a walk on the beach. We drove to the end of Flagler Avenue to park in the lot across from The Breakers Restaurant on the beach.

Thank goodness for Daylight Savings Time. We wee on the beach by 6 p.m. There’s at least two hours of light left in the day. And free parking was a plus.

Parking in the Flagler Avenue Beachfront Park is $20 a day, according to the city website. That’s an OK price for folks who plan on spending the day at the beach.

Although I’ve lived in Florida all my life, I’m not much of a beach person. I like to walk on the beach. Watch the waves, birds and antics. So, I only need about an hour or so.

Longer, of course, if we bring our northern relatives.

And, the best part of the trip is the sunset and the vibrant colors it produces in the sky on the east coast of Florida.

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